Although it isn't a legal requirement to sign a consent form to donate samples for research in most cases you will be asked to do this- as a record that you have understood what is involved and agree to the sample being collected and used in the way described in a patient information leaflet you will be given to read.

You should be given time to read both the information leaflet and consent form carefully and there should be the opportunity to ask questions. This can pose practical problems in busy clinics and on a hospital ward.

You may be anxious about your treatment and there may not be time for you to think everything through. If this is the case either say no- this will not affect your treatment- or ask to take the information away to read later. 


In some cases the information will be available for you to go back and review later on-line. Remember, you can withdraw your consent if you change your mind.

Why do I have to sign a consent form?