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After reading the above information if you would like to sign a consent form to donate samples to the national GIST Biobank please click on the "Donate" button.


Please remember- your treatment will not be afftected in any way if you decide not to proceed


GIST support UK have established a national biobank to promote research into developing new ways of diagnosing and treating Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumours.


If you are a patient over the age of 16 with GIST and would like to donate a sample of your blood or tumour to the bank please read the information below carefully before signing a consent form to send to Janine Salter, the biobank manager at the Royal Marsden Hospital, where the samples will be stored before being sent to researchers.


If you would like any more information please contact 


Janine Salter

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Fulham Rd

Chelsea SW3 6JJ

Please read this first; it contains important information about the biobank

The National GIST Biobank